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Friday, May 28, 2010

Go South, life is peaceful there ...

To start with a generalisation, I find doctor's waiting rooms provide relatively useless reading materials ranging from Horse and Hound (not even a Hugh Grant in sight) to Wheels Magazine circa 1988, to outdated gossip magazines (yes, Ange is still with Brad, bad luck Jen). So imagine my surprise this morning to find not only an array of appealing reading materials, but that the choices were as current as you can get.

To make another generalisation, doctor's waiting rooms also seem to provide you with ample opportunity to view such reading material. Today's pick? SA Life Magazine, and straight to the social pages to count the number of peeps I recognised. 6. That's Adelaide for you, folks!

However, I wanted to talk about another publication I came across called Pinnacle Magazine. Pinnacle is about all things expensive, glorious and wonderfully out of reach for mere mortals like you and me. You even need to be invited to access their website - does anyone have a password I could borrow? Anyway, page 10 of Pinnacle had an extraordinary article promoting the 10 best destinations in the world, which included the likes of a $76,000 weekly stay in a French chateaux, a $40,000 private jet tour to the wilds of South Africa via London and even the Taj Mahal at $18,000 per week. So, imagine my delight when I saw the promotion of the Southern Ocean Lodge as one of ten best destinations to visit in the world. That's right, in the world. And it's on our front doorstep.

Images courtesy of Southern Ocean Lodge

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