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Monday, November 1, 2010


OK, I know this is my second post in a row about alcohol, but hey, it appeals to the majority!

The team at Absolut Vodka Advertising must be congratulated.
Absolut advertisements have always caught my eye for their wit and ingenuity. Particularly appealing in the above sample is the Paris advert in the bottom right-hand corner!

Here’s a further sample –

However, Absolut not only must be congratulated for their 2-D advertisement efforts, but also for their 3-D. I have noticed many a limited edition bottle of Absolut in my time and am usually able to resist.

On the way home from my recent trip abroad, I was easily sucked in at the Duty Free counter by one of Absolut’s cunning advertising ploys. Being female, into bling and other fine things (aka “easy target”), I delighted in purchasing a bottle of bling bling Absolut (above). However, the fun really started once I got home – the gold “bottle” is actually casing around a standard bottle of Absolut, and trying to open same makes all of those physics lessons at school worthwhile.

Although not an exhaustive list, Absolut limited edition designs include:-





and currently on the shelf (well, in Australia anyway), Glimmer.

The best thing about these little beauties – the limited edition Absolut bottles do not exceed the price of the standard bottle. They’re just a bit more fancy.

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  1. I want, I want, I want the rainbow one to just sit prettily on my mantlepiece! xxx Luce


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