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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chocolat ...

Debauve & Gallais ... French chocolatiers ... mmm!

Sulpice Debauve, pharmacist to King Louis XVI and official purveyor to the French royal court, opened his first chocolate and tea shop on the left bank of Paris in 1800. In 1819 the company received the royal warrant as purveyors to the French court and was the official chocolate supplier of Kings Louis XVIII, Charles X and Louis Philippe. The company adopted their current name after Debauve’s nephew Antoine Gallais joined the company in 1823.

Introduced by Debauve, this range of chocolate "coins" was first developed for Queen Marie Antoinette in order to ease her distate for taking medicines. She was so delighted with them that Monsieur Debauve was commissioned to create an entire collection called the Pistoles de Marie Antoinette.

Their range of “Bonbons” – equally delectable! The bonbon assortments are encased in Debauve & Gallais' official trademark blue, gray, and gold embossed box and were handmade exclusively for royalty before finally becoming available to the public in 1913.

For the extreme chocolate fan, “The Louis XVI” is for you at just $900 USD (=$1,025 AUD). The Louis contains the Royal 70 assorted bonbons, Pistoles de Marie Antoinette collection, Les Annes Folles, as well as an assortment of bouchees, Carres, and Mini-Tablettes.

Don’t forget what else is on offer – Tea, which, according to their website, the Debauve & Gallais teamaster sources by “traversing continents, crossing oceans, and braving mountains to bring you only the rarest and the finest in your cup”…

Thé Marie Antoinette - Combination of a delicate China White Tea and White Chocolate

Images courtesy of Debauve & Gallais

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