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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Winter is upon us

Although, looking out the window today at the beautiful blue sky and sunshine it is hard to believe, but the chill in the air tells me it is so. My birthday falls in winter, and (as is generally the case with me) because I could never have it, I always wanted a pool party. Don't get me wrong, living in a mediterranean climate certainly has its benefits, but it makes the idea of snow and log fires all the more romantic.

I love the idea of cosying up under a rug, good book (and glass of red) in hand, listening to the crackling fire and the smell of burning wood. The below image has it all - chandelier, wreath, burning candles, rug, rocking chair, book, hardwood flooring and, of course, a cosy log fire.

A french ski chalet should also have it all, as seen here in the chalets of Les Contamines, France. Now, that's what I call a camp fire!

Images from sinwi and Les Contamines


  1. How did I not know about the blog?? Brilliant news bella ... you definitely have a fellow lover of France here ... putting you on my blog roll!!!
    Emm xx

  2. Thanks Emm! Looking forward to reading more Wander Wallah also! I hope I can keep up with the blog-fest (is waning already ...)! Promise new posts soon xx


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